Persecution…Are You Kidding?

Did some relevant reading in the Twisted Scriptures book recently…in a section entitled “Persecution…Are You Kidding?” these are a few quotes from pages 135 and 137 that really jumped off the page:

“Controlling groups really make a big deal out of being persecuted…This conditioning produces a strong reaction when something negative has been said about your group or its leaders.”

“This emotional reaction usually causes you to discredit those who speak out against the group, its policies, leaders, or their teachings…”

“Why do controlling groups and cults have to impress upon their members that criticism of leaders is persecution? To more fully control or influence members.”

For the last 12 years I was taught that if anyone disagreed or spoke against the message the pastor preached and the group believed, that this was persecution. Now I can see clearly that this “group think” was just another way for us to be controlled, and a slick way to keep members from listening to anyone pointing out the error we’d swallowed!

2 thoughts on “Persecution…Are You Kidding?

  1. yes! This is exactly it! This is why Jehovah’s Witnesses are told NOT to take any material from those they are trying to give material to. I worked with some witnesses for months one time and when we were getting ready to move, I begged the guy to please take a sermon on CD that laid out what the Biblical gospel of grace actually was. He would not touch it. The last time i saw him, on the day we were moving, I gently leaned into his car window and put it on his dashboard and begged him to give it a listen. It was like I was handing him a box of anthrax. he recoiled and would not even put his hands up to get near it. Amazing. he wanted me to take, wholesale[!] every pamphlet and book from the Watchtower and I gladly did, but he didn’t want one item from me as he had been trained to believe anything non-Watchtower produced was anathema. 😦

    As for the persecution thing – I think this is why Peter makes the clear distinction between suffering for basically being wrong (…a murderer, thief, evildoer or as a meddler…(ESV)) in 1 Peter 4: 14-16 and actual persecution (If you suffer FOR CHRIST, you are blessed… We are always tempted as Christians or non-Christians to take any resistance to our own preferences as persecution – how much more will a cult who is actively pushing false-teaching really jump on the “Anyone who disagrees is wickedly persecuting us…” bandwagon! Behold, the power of deception!

    love you, Athena!

  2. WHOA & WOW–! I truly loved all I read herein. The LORD has the [mature] write mature and deeper understandings, and wee little ones here, [me], appreciate this site. We [ALL] need to prayerfully ask JESUS, [Lord, please reveal the truth to us in all things, so we can each react appropriately and make proper discernments when such things happen]. I am constantly reminded by the [Holy Spirit] we are in the [End Times] and during such, the Lord has told us [many will fall away from the faith; many will become luke warm; and many will lack the ability to DISCERN what is going on]; so, with this said, I thank JESUS you all are here to set some records straight, GO FORTH and share [TRUTH]. LOVE YOU!
    Linda Moltzen Wade

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