Taking Ownership of My Thinking Process

A few months ago I read the book “Boundaries” and was struck by the lack of boundaries I had in joining the “church” and buying into the doctrine they espoused. Here’s an admonishment from page 45 that really helped me:

“We must own our thoughts…Many people have not taken ownership of their own thinking processes. They are mechanically thinking the thoughts of others without ever examining them. They swallow others’ opinions and reasonings, never questioning and “thinking about their thinking.” Certainly we should listen to the thoughts of others and weigh them; but we should never “give our minds” over to anyone. We are to weigh things for ourselves in the context of relationship, “sharpening” each other as iron, but remaining separate thinkers.”

It’s really been a process to begin to think my own thoughts and ask myself, why do I think that? To ask God what He thinks, instead of just running to someone to tell me what to do next. To fully take ownership of my thoughts and the actions that follow them. How freeing…and how much the Lord is proving over and over again that I CAN TRUST HIM!