Staying Out of Mud Puddles

My friend, Sue Miholer, sent me her contribution that appeared a long time ago in God’s Little Rule Book. What a wonderful reminder for me to refuse the temptation of a knee jerk reaction to the smear campaign that’s been launched in response to me telling my story.

I struggle with wanting to defend myself, give clarification, offer another rebuttal…anything but just shut up.

As I continue to pray and watch God move, I so appreciate the way He sends me little reminders like this one.

Stay out of mud puddles.

When someone lies about you or in some other way throws mud at you, don’t get in the mud puddle with them. Live above what they’re saying about you, and others will know the truth. If you play in the mud puddles, you just get dirty.

1 Peter 2:12 (NIV): “Live such good lives … that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds.”

3 thoughts on “Staying Out of Mud Puddles

  1. Athena, excited to be a part of your journey. Staying in mud puddles only causes both to get hard and crack. when we went to Israel, we soaked in the Dead Sea and covered ourselves in mud. It dried. Once washed off, felt to refreshing,

  2. Let them attack, the more they do the lower they fall and people see them for what they really are, a cult.

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