Grief and Loss

As I continue to read through the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality book, I am amazed at God’s timing. I have been experiencing profound sadness over this last week and wouldn’t you know the chapter I read this morning was “Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss.”


Being one who runs from pain, this quote was especially meaningful for me:

Turning toward our pain is counterintuitive. But in fact, the heat of Christianity is that the way to life is through death, the pathway to resurrection is through crucifixion. Of course, it preaches easier than it lives.

Gerald Sittser, in his book A Grace Disguised, reflects on the loss of his mother, wife, and young daughter from a horrific car accident. He chose not to run from his loss but to walk directly into the darkness letting the experience of that overwhelming tragedy transform his life. He learned that the quickest way to reach the sun and the light of day is not to run west chasing after it, but to head east into the darkness until you finally reach the sunrise.
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – Pages 140-141

I consider this authors’ loss and feel blessed that my loss was so small in comparison. After all….

A business can be rebuilt.

Faith can be restored.

A mind can be deprogrammed.

Relationships can be reconciled.

Hmmmmm…..Feeling very grateful right now, and not the least bit sad.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Grief and Loss

  1. Athena, I am learning more about what has REALLY been going on with you, with WinePress, with Carla, the church and more. Unbelievably enlightening. Even got a call from a WP author yesterday about the shocking accusation of MF. I must admit that I always felt something was awry even when I first met the Williams several years ago. I wondered why YOU weren’t the one, the owner of the company, that was spearheading the WP presentation. I found it odd that Carla taunted herself as a spiritual Mom to many and had a one-sheet to that effect. I got bad vibes when I communicated with Tim but ignored it as I knew I would be working with you. When I discovered that WP was a family-operated business, I raised my eyebrows. I wondered how you fit in. I learned that one employee was being “given a chance” but that’s not so unusual so I shrugged it off. So many little things add up now. I am so sorry, so exceedingly sorry that you have been sheltered from the grace and true love of God. I pray for your new beginning and a fresh love that brings you back to acceptance of God’s unconditional love. He still has plans for you, my friend. Keep fighting that good fight.

    • Thanks Karen. I have fond memories of you, so your comment means a lot to me. God is working much healing through the grief and loss I’ve endured…I guess He must have some plans for me to use this experience to His glory. Big hug my friend!

      • I had initially written a reply to one of your earlier posts but for some reason it did not go through. Basically I said it was you that helped make a dream come true for me through my book “Confronting Cancer with Faith.” And now that dream is being used to reach out to others who have found encouragement and comfort through their own cancer journey. I hear from folks all over the country and even internationally that have read the words in my book of how we can use the crises in our lives to grow deeper in faith. While I am moved and humbled from each email I receive from readers, my breath was taken away when I read about one woman and her husband who accepted Christ during the midst of my study. This was not a “feel-good” moment; this was a moment of eternal significance. I still cannot fully absorb it. I’m telling you this because I hope you can see how you played a role in someone’s salvation. I am sure countless encounters with God have occurred with other WP authors but I want you to hear this from me and know that you have made a difference in not only my world but in someone’s eternal destiny.
        It was you who believed in me – a scared inexperienced trusting soul who knew nothing about publishing. How intimidated I was to meet you yet you smiled and took my 150+ page manuscript at that writer’s conference and gave me hope to pursue something I never thought imaginable. It is you who have helped change my life in that now I have speaking, writing, and singing opportunities that bring hope and challenge. I was blown away on one occasion when I was introduced as a motivational speaker! How can this be? I simply share what God has done for me and what he could do for you.
        Life is short and full of lessons. It is through the relationships we build where life matters most. It is through glorifying God with our whole heart when our purpose is fulfilled. We develop good and bad relationships but our character can grow through both. Bad decisions can facilitate a rocky or crooked path but God is the trailblazer who has the power to make the crooked straight and smooth. He never fails us even when we feel as if we have failed ourselves. He looks beyond who we are to whose we are.
        I’m praying for your pain to be short-lived as new paths await your arrival at the right time. You are being prepared for more. I’m sure of it. May you continue to confront your crises with faith.

        • Oh Karen, your comment brought tears to my eyes. Praise God for His faithfulness in all of this ugliness! I am so encouraged by your words….thank you, thank you! Big hug to you!

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