I’ve been reading a book I published back in 1998 entitled “Wounded Workers – Recovering from Heartache in the Workplace and the Church” by Kirk Farnsworth. If you’ve read the original post for this blog where I go through the 12 years of abuse, I mention a WinePress author who challenged the doctrine that I’d swallowed…well, that was Kirk!

As I read his book anew, it’s no wonder he tried to reason with me…he could see the writing on the wall just from reading a few of Tim Williams’ writings!

In chapter 3 “Uncovering the Neurotic Organization” I was floored at his description…

In sum, this president drew attention to himself and drew others to himself. He would show off in public and be compassionate in private. His warmth and generosity, however, were self-serving. Both praise and lack of praise were used as a control device. He picked subordinates who would be his friends…who would agree with him and not challenge his impulsive decisions. Criticism was seen as insubordination, and all communication was tightly controlled. When he felt threatened, he could abuse as easily as he could charm. His friendships did not run deep.

Such presidents, in effect, define the organization they lead. They do more than correct this and change that. They do more than refocus the vision and mission, rebuild the infrastructure, and restructure the financial base. They redefine the personality of the entire organization. More specifically, their personality redefines the personality of the organization. This is not at all unusual in Christian organizations…even those that claim to be founded on biblical principles and to be focused on being Christ-centered in all that they do. It is more than a little disconcerting how frequently these organizations seem to be totally dominated by the human personality at the top.

Wounded Workers – page 54

This is exactly what has happened to WinePress…it has become a neurotic organization and Mr. Williams has done a superb job of redefining its personality. But the WinePress website boldly declares how much they claim to be Christ-centered!

Someone said the other day, “WinePress was a great idea that simply got hijacked.” I would have to agree…what was once an organization that served and helped authors and treated them with care and respect is now reduced to a neurotic organization that bites the hand that feeds it.

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