7 Month Anniversary – Faithful God

As I look back on this week, to say that God has provided for me would be an understatement. Not only did He work a new business partnership that will enable me to earn an income, but He also provided a place for me to live. As I was on my way home Friday from the business meeting where we all agreed to move forward on a new venture, I called Jessica to let her know the good news. She immediately replied “Write this number down….I found you a house!”

A few hours earlier she had driven over to Dells to looks for some boots, and on her way back she noticed a FOR RENT sign up in front of her all-time favorite house in Enumclaw. She had always driven by the house and loved the improvements the owner made, wishing someone she knew could live there. I quickly called the number and left a message. It wasn’t long before I got a call back and the voice on the other end of the phone told me I was the 2nd person to leave a message, and she really wasn’t going to call anyone back until the evening, but felt compelled to call me.

As I shared a little bit of my story with her, she told me if I wanted the place, she would not call back the other callers and would actually take the For Rent sign down. I told her I can tell just by seeing the outside that I would be happy with the inside. I simply just felt the hand of God all over the situation. We agreed to meet on Sunday morning before church so I could see the inside of the house.

Jessica and I went over to take a look this morning and it was just like visiting with a long-time friend. The owner had moved into the house during a traumatic transition time in her own life and had created a sanctuary out of it, and now she could see that it was the perfect place for me with everything I’ve been through. It was like God set it up and orchestrated everything.

When I told her that I had no furniture or anything, and that I would be furnishing it a little at a time, she looked around and asked “Well, do you like what’s here? I can let you have whatever you would like.” Honestly, I felt lightheaded and almost at a loss for words. This house is decorated exactly like I would decorate a house…the colors, the furniture, the lighting fixtures, everything down to the smallest detail.

I went from there to church and then back again to meet with her to work out all the details. I am still stunned at God’s goodness. Later on this week I will move all my earthly possessions (clothes and books!)  into what feels like a bed and breakfast, a beautiful sanctuary, a place of rest.

How fitting that this would all culminate on the 7 month anniversary of my deliverance from bondage. On the 7th day He rested…and this will be a place for me to rest in God like never before.  Yes, He is faithful. The last few days I’ve been singing this song non-stop…it so epitomizes my heart right now and how I feel about my God!

Faithful God – Travis Cottrell

I see You turning ashes to beauty,
bringing this dead man to life
Here You are in the midst of this sadness,
wiping the tears from my eyes
I can hear, the song of redemption
filling my heart with Your praise

Faithful God, You reign forever
We will hope in Your great Name
Strong and Mighty King of Heaven
We will worship You, Oh faithful God

You see me as a child who’s forgiven,
clothed in the mercy of Christ
Here I am, unashamed and surrendered
I have been bought with a price
Can you hear the sound of Your people,
shaking the earth with Your praise?

Faithfull God you reign forever,
we will hope in Your great Name
Strong and mighty King of Heaven
we will worship You oh faithful God

You turned my mourning into dancing and celebration
You took my sorrow and You gave me your joy
You broke the my bondage and You gave me my liberation
And I will ever praise You, and I will ever praise You, and I will ever praise You

Listen to the song here.

3 thoughts on “7 Month Anniversary – Faithful God

  1. I am so very happy for you.

  2. Athena,

    I am so glad to hear how God is meeting your needs. What a sweet, sweet blessing. I just love to hear how God intervenes in unexpected ways. And how He uses other people in the process to bless them as well. I anticipate more blessings to come your way as continue to grow in faith and rely upon Him.

    • Thanks, Karen. I just think about the ripple effect this miracle of God will have on new neighbors, church family, and those far and near via blog and Facebook, and weep with joy and thanksgiving to God.

      I appreciate so much your prayers and ongoing encouragement.

      Big hug to you!


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