Learning to Wait

Been meditating today on how much the Lord has been teaching me to wait on Him.

Looking back on the last 7 months I see so many times when my natural tendency would have been to “make it happen” whether it was a work situation or finding a place to live.

Back in March I had a great opportunity to go to a Philanthropy conference in Chicago and find a bunch of prospective book projects. I could have easily made it happen and found the money from somewhere to go, but I decided if God really wanted me to go HE would make a way (not ME). He didn’t, so I didn’t go down that road.

Another opportunity came up where I could have had a part time job in exchange for free rent right here in Enumclaw. The 55+ community was owned by someone at my church and they were excited about the possibilities…and I was at the point of being tired of living in a 100 square foot rented room. Even though I dearly love my “landlord” and had no complaints with the living conditions, I was just anxious to get on with my life. I really wanted that situation to be my answer, but I just couldn’t move forward with that either.

Countless times I went on a resume rampage, sending out dozens of resumes, even building a blog called “Why Hire Athena Dean?” Overall, I guess I have really struggled with the waiting and the lesson God wanted to teach me. But I see now that it was a good lesson.

Had I made things happen in any of these other opportunities, then how would I ever know if my success was God or me? I would have always wondered, in the back of my mind…is this really God’s will or did I put this thing together?

As I pack up my room in anticipation of moving into the Lord’s clear provision for me, I was struck by the scripture I’d taped up to my mirror when I first moved in here on February 1. It said:

Psalm 31:23
God takes care of all who stay close to Him.

The closer I stay to Him, waiting on Him for clear direction and provision, the more He takes care of me. Instead of me doing my independent strong woman “thing” like I have in the past, I am finally getting the hang of depending on Him.

I had to chuckle when the gal who owns the house God has provided for me to rent texted me tonight to say she wasn’t ready for me to move in tomorrow, and wouldn’t be done getting everything ready for me until Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course my first response was “Waaaahhhhhhhh! I want it NOW!”

But I just had to take a chill pill and realize I’m on God’s timetable not my own, He provided the work so I can afford this house, and He provided the house and a landlord who has a heart to see me blessed with this sanctuary of a home.

Good things take time, and I am learning to embrace the waiting. As I do so, I am gaining new strength, and singing a new song!

Isaiah 40:31
Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Wait

  1. Love the verse on your mirror. Great reminder to us all in our daily struggles. Am excited about your new living arrangements. What’s one or two more days in the big scheme of things? Sounds like it means less cleaning for you!

  2. Yep…I just have to let go and trust that God’s timing is best. It was pretty funny at 5:30 this morning when I needed to run an errand and all my shoes and warm clothes were already packed in boxes. It was cold and raining out, and all I had kept out was a pair of sandals and clothes for warm humid weather. Good thing my current landlord had some gardening clogs I could use for the moment!

  3. Totally relate. We had to learn to wait, to relax back into the everlasting arms of Jesus ourselves over the past couple of years. So often we don’t trust God to catch us! Husband, Roger, was laid off on Nov. 15, 2010. He received salary through January 15, 2011 then a small severance package. Too young to retire. His age though was proving a barrier with many employers. We lost track of how many applications he sent off. He had few interviews. Most possibilities left us both without God’s peace. No peace. No to the job.

    It was beyond difficult. He went on unemployment. Yet during those nearly 18 months, we never got behind on any of our bills or mortgage. When our bank account would shrink to less than a hundred dollars, we’d receive checks or gift cards from friends, from family, or from writer acquaintances I only knew from online lists. Or sometimes I’d get a writing/editing job. I discovered a talent for saving lots of money with coupons. The flow from heaven was awesome. The Lord gave us favor so that my trip to the E.R. which resulted in bills totaling over $6500 was reduced by 95% after we learned we could apply for Charitable Assistance and it was granted.

    Roger was nearing the end of his unemployment, having gone through Tiers 1, 2, & 3. Funds slowed to a trickle. I got sick, unable to earn income from my writing/editing for months. We got behind 2 house payments, but communicated with the bank who put us on a 3 month deferred payment plan. Then the 2nd week of May 2012, Roger got his final unemployment check of $120. No more income in the natural. Our retirement savings were nearly tapped out. All that remained was an annuity that we couldn’t access yet.

    About 2 days later, on a Thursday, he was called by one of the companies where he’d applied. By Tuesday of the next week, he’d had a phone interview and received confirmation that he had the job — the perfect job — exactly what he’d been believing God for, a position as a CICS Systems Programmer. It was God’s plan.

    He started his new job in Pittsburgh PA on June 4 and his first paycheck (weekly) was twice what he made in one bi-monthly check at his previous job! Our mortgage is paid up through July and all our bill payments are current and balances reduced. Amazing that we joyfully increased our giving during this entire time. God gave seed to the sower!

    It’s not over yet. We’ve been married 43 years and before he left for Pittsburgh on June 1, we’d only been apart two weeks our entire marriage. (Not counting his daily work schedule.) Now 1000 miles apart, we’re missing one another like crazy, hating the separation, but knowing God’s peace led Roger to this job. I am learning that despite my whining and feeling completely overwhelmed that God can and will provide helpers to clean, pack, repair, and sell this house quickly and at a great price!

    • Oh JoAnn, I miss you! Your story is so full of life! A testimony to God’s goodness, even when it gets down to the (our) wire. Praising God with you and believing your house will be an answer to prayer for someone else! Big hug to you, my friend!

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