Really good sermon today on FREEDOM. In light of the 4th of July, Pastor Ross asked the pointed question…why do we get so excited about physical, political and financial freedom, setting off fireworks and all manner of pyrotechnics, yet the freedom we have been given as believers in Christ is rather ho-hum in comparison?

He made the statement that freedom is not free…it always has a cost. I thought about the cost for me…the price I paid to walk away from what I had given my life and my heart and everything I owned to for 12 years. Walking away from all of that was extremely costly, but the resulting freedom was completely worth it.

I looked up freedom and definition number 5 really jumped off the page at me.


[free-duhm]  Show IPA


5.personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery

Being a believer in Christ sets us free from:

  • Sin (Romans 6:18)
  • The Law (Galatians 2:4)
  • Death (Romans 6:21-22, Romans 8:21)

As Pastor Ross elaborated on being set free from the law, I found myself so thankful for the truth of that statement. For 12 years I tried living up to every part of the scripture and continually failed. It got to the point where there was no joy, no hope, and absolutely no fireworks in my heart for what God had done for me. I had become a slave, in bondage to the law, when, in reality, I had already been set free from it.

The statement was also made that “liberty is not free…it produces responsibility.” The freedom I gained in 1986 carried with it the responsibility to learn what scripture says, discover more fully what God had done for me through the atoning sacrifice of His only Son, and grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Word, learning to rightly divide it.

Last night, when a new acquaintance asked me why I never joined Bible Study Fellowship or another program like that when I first came to Christ I really had to think about that. I realized that less than 6 months after accepting the Lord, Chuck and I were thrust into full time ministry when Point Man Ministries was given to him.

At that point it was a 501(C)3 with no activity after the founder  went home to be with Jesus. We were to take it from nothing and develop into an international ministry with outposts (outreaches in churches ministering to Vietnam Veterans and their wives) all across the country. I immediately dived in to help Chuck develop the infrastructure, the ministry administration, the veteran wives ministry, and a host of other tasks. I went from being a babe in Christ to teaching veterans and their loved ones about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how wounds become our idols. I was on the fast track to burn out, and it came many years down the road, without me even realizing it.

That must be why scripture admonishes us not to lay hands on too quickly. I never took the responsibility of my new found freedom in Christ to heart and so became vulnerable down the road when bondage came knocking at my door.

How thankful I am to be able to look back and see those vulnerabilities and weaknesses and understand how I ended up in slavery. I know hindsight is 20/20, but I believe the more I can learn from my mistakes and blunders, sins and failures, and learn the truth of the Word, in context and in all its fullness, I can truly begin to see clearly through the glasses of true freedom in Christ and embrace the responsibility that comes with it.

Feeling very grateful right now to be free.

7 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. You’re building up quite a treasury of wisdom through these postings. But it makes me sad and angry that ANYONE living in the United States of America should have to be grateful to be free from a cult. Glad you’re outa there!

    • Sound Doctrine doesn’t keep the Law, & the Law is not what you were keeping there. They follow the imagination of their leader. The Law includes the Biblical holy days, the Sabbath, & the 10 commands…which is a TABLE of CONTENTS for 613 commands in Scripture. 1-5=love neighbor, 6-10=Love Yahweh. Being “set free” from the Law refers to the PENALTY of the Law…aka death. The Apostles & believers Kept Torah for 400 years after Yeshua’s death…despite illegality under Roman rule.

  2. Today most churches also follow the imaginings of their leaders, NOT the commands. This was not the case for Paul & the churches the Apostles established. They kept the Torah, but also fought against those who taught the Law was the VEHICLE to salvation (salvation by works, not Messiah.)

    The women waited until the Sabbath was over to go to Yeshua’s tomb, Paul told the Corinthians to keep Passover, we’re instructed to sings Psalms (psalms, hymns, & spiritual songs describe the 5 divisions of the psalms…look it up!!). Paul testified 3 times in court that he was Torah observant & never taught lawlessness. Messiah kept Torah. He came to UPHOLD it, not “fulfill” it (check Strongs). NOT ONE jot or tittle…heaven & earth will pass away before ANY are cancelled…since we know this will NEVER happen, we know the Law will NEVER pass. John calls sin “Torah-lessness.” Most preachers will not teach James, because his book utterly defeats the lawlessness of modern Christendom.

    Acts 15: teach the gentiles to follow BASIC KOSHER LAWS so they can enter the synagogue to LEARN THE REST OF MOSES EVERY SABBATH.
    (BEWARE: KJV adds to the Word in v.24…look it up…the phrase “by being circumsized & keep the Law” is ADDED, NOT SCRIPTURE!!!)

    Col 2: Don’t reverse the verse!!! Don’t let people judge you for keeping the holy days!

    Mark 7/Matt 15: (declared all food clean) is ADDED. The passage is about UNWASHED HANDS (no such command) & PLACING TRADITION OVER GOD’s COMMANDS.

    The Bible refers to the Law as FREEDOM…but trying to attain salvation by the Law as BONDAGE. Indeed the Torah is the very DNA of Messiah.
    Look at how much commentary is in the New Testament of your Bible…most of it is to plug holes in a very leaky doctrine of lawlessness. Ant THIS is why there are 31 flavors of Christianity today, not to mention a total breakdown in morality & basic Biblical knowledge. I have WAAAAAY more on this, but enjoy these dozens of verses for now.

    Torah was given to both Hebrew & Gentile at Sinai. Gentile believers are the spiritual descendants of Abraham (Gal 3, Rom 11:19)

    Exodus 12:19, Exodus 12:48, Exodus 12:49, Exodus 23:12, Leviticus 16:29, Leviticus 17:8-9, Leviticus 17:10, Leviticus 17:12, Leviticus 17:13, Leviticus 17:15, Leviticus 18:26, Leviticus 19:34, Leviticus 20:2, Leviticus 22:17-19, Leviticus 24:16, Leviticus 24:22, Numbers 9:14, Numbers 15:14, Numbers 15:15, Numbers 15:16, Numbers 15:26, Numbers 15:29, Numbers 15:30, Numbers 19:10, Numbers 35:15, Deuteronomy 1:16, Deuteronomy 5:14, Deuteronomy 10:18, Deuteronomy 16:11, Deuteronomy 16:13-15, Deuteronomy 24:17, Deuteronomy 26:11, Deuteronomy 27:19, Deuteronomy 29:9-15, Deuteronomy 31:12, Joshua 8:33, Joshua 8:35, 1 Kings 8:40-43, 2 Chronicles 2:17, 2 Chronicles 6:32-33, 2 Chronicles 30:25, Psalm 146:9, Isaiah 14:1, Isaiah 56:3, Isaiah 56:6, Ezekiel 14:7, Ezekiel 47:22, Ezekiel 47:23, Malachi 3:5, Ephesians 2:19-20

    The Law is eternal

    Exodus 12:14, Exodus 12:17, Exodus 12:24, Exodus 27:21, Exodus 28:43, Exodus 29:9, Exodus 30:21, Exodus 31:16, Leviticus 3:17, Leviticus 6:22, Leviticus 10:9, Leviticus 16:29, Leviticus 16:31, Leviticus 16:34, Leviticus 17:7, Leviticus 23:14, Leviticus 23:21, Leviticus 23:31, Leviticus 23:41, Leviticus 24:3, Leviticus 24:8, Numbers 10:8, Numbers 15:15, Numbers 18:23, Numbers 19:10, Numbers 19:21, Numbers 25:13, 2 Chronicles 2:4, Ezekiel 46:14

  3. One more comment…LOL I’m passionate about this…can you tell?
    Lawlessness is slavery, but obedience (to Law, not traditions of men) reveals Scripture in EXPLICIT detail.

    I spoke with members of Sound Doctrine. They said they “let the Spirit lead them” when it comes to holy days; they celebrate “holy days” based on what the congregation is inspired to do. Let’s compare this to the HIGHLY educational, accurate picture SCRIPTURE provides us & commands us to rehearse…a SHADOW OF THINGS TO COME.

    First, know that Rome changed the calendar Yahweh gave us, & taught us NOT to follow Messiah’s commands. “He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the Torah.” (Daniel 7:25)

    Look at the pattern God has given us, & notice that it is NOT YET COMPLETE.

    Feast of Unleavened Breads (Hag haMatzot – Exodus 23:15)
    This is a seven-day long Feast.
    Nisan 14: Passover  (Exodus 12)
    Yeshua presented as Messiah Prophet, Priest, and King. He went through all of the preparation rites for the Passover Lamb, and was found to be without blemish. This was the day of His crucifixion.
    Nisan 15: The First Day (Yom haReshit – Leviticus 23:7)
    This is “the feast of our freedom” – the celebration of a slave-girl (Israel) being redeemed from sin (Egypt).  At this Feast, we take four cups, anciently called “the Blood of the Covenant”, representing the four parts of the Yahweh’s Covenant: sanctification, deliverance, redemption, and glorification. We also break unleavened bread (matza). It is pierced and striped, representing the death of Messiah’s body.
    Nisan 16: Waving Day
    This is the first of fifty days of Counting the Omer (50 days of Pentecost).  After the slave-girl (Israel) celebrates the Holy Day of her redemption, she starts counting down the days to her betrothal to Messiah.
    Nisan 17: Resurrection Sabbath
    The third day after the Passover is the day Yeshua came out of the tomb – in defeat of Satan’s armies, in fulfillment of Jonah’s prophecy of three days and three nights in the heart of the earth, and in fulfillment of His own words of God raising His lamb from a pit on the Sabbath Day. Two women came to the tomb after the Sabbath because it’s forbidden to handle a dead body on the Sabbath. Angels rolled away the stone to show that He was already gone (Matthew 28:1).  This Sabbath Day memorializes the Resurrection.
    Nisan 21: Day of Faith – Seventh Day (Yom haShbi’i – Leviticus 23:8)
    This is the day that Israel was brought through the Sea on dry ground & saw the Egyptian army drowned in it.
    Iyyar 27: The forty-second day of Counting the Omer (50 days of Pentecost). Noah’s flood waters were dried from the earth (Genesis 8:14).  This is forty days after His resurrection (Acts 1:3), & Yeshua ascended into the heavens, after saying, “I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2-3). After redeeming the slave-girl (Israel), He must go to His Father’s house to prepare a dwelling place for their future “married life”, as is Hebrew custom. John later foretells of this prepared city that will come down from the heavens adorning the bride for her husband (Revelation 21:2).
    Sivan 6: Hag Shavuot (Exodus 34:22)
    (aka Feast of Weeks/Firstfruits/Pentecost)
    Day of the Firstfruits (Yom haBikkurim – Numbers 28:26)
    The fiftieth day of Counting the Omer (Pentecost means fiftieth day).
    Pentecost is about Messiah giving a betrothal contract to His future bride.
    Over 3300 years ago, on Pentecost, the Torah (10 commandments) was given with two stone tablets as a betrothal contract in the tongue of angels (Hebrew) and the tongues of men (languages of the 70 nations. In a similar manner, almost two-thousand years ago, on Pentecost, the Gospel was given in the tongue of angels and the tongues of men, displaying an “earnest contract” with the bride (Acts 2:1-11, Ephesians 1:14).
    The Month of Elul – thirty days preceding Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpeting) are known as the Days of Repentance.  At this season John the Baptist was preaching “the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins” – Luke 3:3.
    Day of Trumpeting (Yom Teruah – Leviticus 23:24)
    Tishrei 1: The Day of Trumpeting is about Messiah returning for His bride.  This celebration is an annual rehearsal for that day when the Last Trump will be heard (I Thessalonians 4:16). Then the righteous dead will be raised immortal (I Corinthians 15:52-54), and Yeshua will return for His coronation as King of the Whole Earth.
    Day of the Atonements (Yom haKippurim – Leviticus 23:27)
    Tishrei 10: The Day of the Atonements is about Messiah presenting to Himself a spotless bride (Ephesians 5:21). Two goats offered represent Messiah.  The first goat is the goat for Yahweh, commonly called an elevation offering.  The 2 goats offered on this day represent (1) Yeshua’s righteousness being imputed to us, & (2) Yeshua taking our sins upon Himself, and taking them away from us.
    Tishrei 15-21: Feast of Tabernacles (Hag haSukkot – Leviticus 23:34)
    The Feast of Tabernacles is Messiah’s seven-day wedding feast. We’re commanded to build a temporary shelter outside, & sleep & eat in it for a week. It is called the Time of our Joy, & represents the culmination of the marriage. The earth has been reaped, and all of the fruit (God’s people) has been brought in. The Covenant is fulfilled, and Emmanuel (God with us) is pictured as dwelling in His tabernacle on earth with His spotless bride.  This is also Yeshua’s REAL birthday, NOT CHRISTMAS.  Proof for this is found in Luke 1 & 1 Chronicles 24 (Zechariah was of the order of Abijah.  We know when he served in the temple, & therefore know when both john the Baptist & Messiah were born !) This is the day He came to tabernacle among us (John 1:14). NOTICE THAT “DWELT” or “TABERNACLED” is translated from the word, “SUKKAH.”
    Tishrei 22: The Eighth Day Assembly (Shimini Atzeret – Leviticus 23:36)
    The Eighth Day Assembly represents Messiah dwelling with us on the eternal, renewed earth.  All seventy nations have become one – the Kingdom of Messiah.

    • Yes, Ken, I can tell! 😉 A lot to digest, but I appreciate your zeal for the Truth! 🙂

      • The TRUTH does have an overwhelming amount of evidence…I’m working on a list of verses which read, “If you love Me, keep my commands”…so far I have 70-80 passages.

        This is why our NT’s are full of commentaries & pastors build sermons on single lines of Scripture, cute anecdotes, and warm, fuzzy truisms. There’s a lot of Truth to hide!! Throughout history Satan has had one purpose…to fool people into disobedience. He knows that obedience reveals Truth.

        Check out the RENEWED Covenant conditions in Hebrews 8…but first observe verse 7…your Bible may read, “for if that 1st COVENANT had been flawless…” The word “covennt” is probably in italics. That’s because it was ADDED. Remove it & notice how it restores PRIESTHOOD as the rightful subject of the passage.

        Take a fresh look at the Renewed Covenant; let the Word speak WITHOUT 2000 years of dogma, & it tells a very different story than the one we’re used to hearing…

        “For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another.”
        (So, what was wrong with it??)

        “But God found fault with THE PEOPLE and said: The days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant BECAUSE THEY DID NOT REMAIN FAITHFUL TO MY COVENTANT and I turned away from them, declares the Lord.”

        (The conditions of the 1st covenant were flawless…the “fault” is that WE broke it! So what makes the second covenant different & superior??)

        I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

        (What’s different? Did the ETERNAL Law change? No. The Torah will have a change of address…it will be placed directly in our hearts, so we know & keep it perfectly. So, is the world CURRENTLY in the New Covenant??)

        “No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.”

        (So long as there is still reason to witness to folks, so long as there are those who don’t know God & don’t obey His commands, THE TIME HAS NOT YET COME. We’re commanded to write the Torah on our hearts, until the time God places it directly in our hearts.)

  4. It’s amazing to realize that Father God always uses everything in our lives for good, everything. He wastes nothing and He will use your experience to set others free. Thanks for opening your heart to all of us so we can rejoice with you in the work He has done and continues to do daily. Your future is secure in Him, a future with hope and to give you more than you ever imagined or are able to dream up on your own!

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