Important Announcement

I am finally starting to write what may well be the most significant work of my life. As you can probably guess, it is about my most recent detour into deception and God’s amazing grace to rescue me, get me back on track, heal, restore, and renew my faith after my near-fatal collision with the pit of hell.

The working title is “Deception’s Open Doors” … Over the last year or so, I have consistently recognized the open doors that had given the enemy access to deceive me, wreaking havoc and devastation in my family and nearly destroying my faith in the One Who saved me.

However, I don’t just want to tell MY story … I want to share other tales of deception and those additional doors that have given entrance to the destroyer.

If you have experienced deception in your life, and have, in hind sight, looked back and learned what vulnerabilities in your life invited the enemy in and enabled you to believe the lie, I would love to hear from you.

If you prefer to remain anonymous in the final manuscript, I will certainly protect your identity in appropriate ways.

It’s the stories I want to share, along with mine, to help others avoid, if at all possible, the painful, tragic results of deception.

Please feel free to forward this announcement or repost on other writers networks or sites.

Thanks in advance for helping me spread the word!

Athena Dean