8 thoughts on “Jury Finds Enumclaw Pastor Guilty

  1. As the saying goes, “Your sins will find you out!” That chapter is now closed with others left to be written. Hopefully, there can be a greater amount of healing for many.

  2. Praise the Lord!


    Wayne and Marilyn Gray Freedomtrain Ministries web page: freedomtrainministries.com 360-923-0587

    “Today is the day for your BREAKTHROUGH!”

  3. Karma, he will be a good queen. Child molesters are not treated very well in prison

    • Hey Brad…it’s not Karma…it is the fulfillment of God’s Word… scripture is clear that you reap what you sow…also God will not be mocked…there are many others that apply.

      I pray now that those who remain deceived will begin to recognize the lies they have believed and break free from the hellish deception they remain under.

  4. Victory for the truth!

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