The Gig is Up … God Will Not Be Mocked

Convicted pastor seeks new trial, judge denies request

Once again, the Sound Doctrine Gestapo has attempted to obstruct justice, and once again, God said NO WAY.

Praise the Name of the Lord, for He is just and will not be mocked.

2 thoughts on “The Gig is Up … God Will Not Be Mocked

  1. Lives are about to change forever. Some folks are about to be hurt beyond measure I suspect. Much attention has been given to the victim; it might be good to also turn thoughts and prayers toward friends and family of the accused, as well as folks still immersed in the sad little cult.

    • Absolutely. That’s a great reminder. My grand-daughter is still in the cult, and I have good reason to believe she too is a victim since she lived in the same house with the perp from the time she was 5 to when she turned 10, and has been tragically and completely turned against her father ever since the initial arrest.

      There are so many beaten down and wounded followers of Tim Williams that I pray will have the courage to realize they’ve been deceived.

      My prayers have been for those still in captivity for quite a long time now, as I know is true for others. There are many, many people faithfully praying for those still believing the lie.

      But you are right…there are many others out there who are probably just glad he’s going to prison…keeping the rest of the victims of horrific spiritual abuse in our prayers is crucial.

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