Child Rapist Gets 20 Years

Child Rapist Gets 20 Years

A friend messaged me today and said:

“Interesting that this is the one-year anniversary of the dismissal of the lawsuit against Julie Anne Smith et al, where their former pastor from Beaverton, Oregon, sued for liable for half a million dollars. Perhaps July 26 is a Justice Day on God’s liturgical calendar?”

What is it with spiritual abusers? Bullies who try to silence those they have abused? I see an interesting parallel between the lawsuit from Oregon and this trial…arrogant bullies will always proclaim their innocence, “in the name of the Lord.” Oh how this must break the heart of God, who would never treat people as they do.

Yes, today is Justice Day, as the “Associate Pastor” of Sound Doctrine Church was handed a 20 year prison sentence, with no less than 18 years before parole can be considered.

2 thoughts on “Child Rapist Gets 20 Years

  1. May God’s justice be carried out and repentance come. God will not relent until it is all accomplished.

    Cathee A. Poulsen Author/Speaker 133 Alderman Dr Lake Placid, FL 33852 239-564-5092

    • Amen, my friend. It is hard to fathom that he feels no twinge of guilt…but continues to lie up until the very end. Now that’s a hard heart. Yes, may repentance come!!

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