Child Rapist Supporters Speak Out

Child Rapist Supporters Speak Out

You know, if I didn’t know better, I might think some of what they are saying could be true. But I understand the “group think” (because I once believed it) and I understand fully how these people have been manipulated into thinking any criticism, any question, any demand to be held accountable for actions is labeled slander, hate crimes, gossip, and a host of other labels that attempt to discredit the person who is speaking out. It also has been carefully and strategically planned to keep the “group” isolated from any sound reasoning.

They have been pre-conditioned (using scripture out of context for many, many years) to think that anyone who does not agree is the enemy and listening to them would endanger their “salvation”…and so, they stay in the dark, cut off from family and friends who have tried and failed to point out the obvious. Yes, they stay in the darkness of the lie they have believed is truth, and are fed only what Tim Williams wants them to know, half truths, twisted truth, stories omitting significant facts, and flat out lies. Yes, this is how cult leaders operate, and Tim Williams is one master manipulator.

Pretty amazing that I could be responsible for his wife’s brain tumor, that I could talk a teenager into fabricating a story and then going before a judge and jury retelling unmentionable things, and that I could get the prosecutor and judge to ignore “evidence” …and wow…I am so powerful I could be responsible for the “pastor” to be “unjustly” found guilty on all charges and sent to prison.

Laughable, but so, so sad at the same time.

To think I gave my credibility in Christian publishing to this group, on a silver platter, and now they are using it to not only slander and defame me, but many others who have had the courage to tell the truth.

Lord, have mercy.

4 thoughts on “Child Rapist Supporters Speak Out

  1. I am saddened for the young victim, she will continue to be victimized by Tim Williams and clan. But know this young lady, you are a brave young woman! I am in awe of your courage! I hope you feel some satisfaction in knowing you did the right thing and have saved so many from this monsters clutches! I am thankful for you! Remember, Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

    • Thanks for your encouragement…it seems God gives me just the amount of courage I need for each step. I praise Him for it, and for all those who have been praying for me and those still blinded by the lies of Tim Williams.

  2. Athena, You stand up with your godly, righteous truth with courage that your God is with you! Yes, I knew from the beginning by my instinct (probably Holy Spirit led me) – Tim Williams is a manipulator Liar, he is very good smooth mouth to deceive them (mindless) as simply with his dictate control, spiteful! He tell different stories by his sermons that I caught his lies (not straightforward). I remember when the Forshay’s had left SD. I asked him, Do you know that Tim Williams is a professional liar? He answered, Yes he KNEW and not trust him! Then I tell him no more to say about Tim’s many lies. God bless you all

  3. Athena, NO, You are NOT responsible for Carla’s Brain tumor! Tim William is the ONE who is the responsible for his wife Carla (too much stressful, suffering) for her health. Tim pointed his finger at you and many others for her illness. He blamed others which he is the ONE who is to blame! HIMSELF! He is NO genuine Christian at all, phony, hypocrisy like Pharisee!

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