Disgrace is Coming to WinePress and Sound Doctrine

Today marks 22 months that I have been delivered from deception.

Just yesterday I received the demand letter I showed in the last post…so timely that it arrived only hours after the Lord had me reading Psalm 25.

This verse jumped out at me, unbeknownst to me that God was, at that very moment, continuing to prove Himself to be a God of justice!

No one who trusts in You will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others. Psalm 25:3

To watch, from a distance, God’s judgment on this group is a sobering thing, to say the least.

  • One pastor/leader in prison for child rape,
  • Founding pastor’s wife soon to die from a brain tumor*,
  • Lies being exposed for all to see.

And while they blame me for all their woes, the word is clear, that those who try to deceive others will be disgraced.

*I do not believe Carla’s brain tumor is judgment on her, rather it is judgment on her husband, who has, for 35 years, used others to do his bidding. Carla and Malcolm have been his primary puppets (along with his 2 sons), and it is obvious that God is taking away all his props. He will stand before God for the destruction he has caused to so many.

My prayers continue to reach the Throne of Grace for those whose lives have been ravished by these abusive leaders…one woman who used to be my roommate, was listed on the demand letter, showing she now lives back in Northern California. Praise God she escaped, but I can just imagine the shape she is in. After selling everything she owned (over half a million dollars in property) and “laying it at the apostle’s feet” (of course, manipulated completely by Tim Williams to give everything without holding anything back…after all, if she did, she’d end up struck dead like Sapphira in the book of Acts), I’m sure her condition is devastating. I watched her become the brunt of so much abuse by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, I can only pray that she will come to realize that God was grossly misrepresented by Tim Williams, and that she will allow God to gently restore her and surround her with safe people.

10 thoughts on “Disgrace is Coming to WinePress and Sound Doctrine

  1. Oh I know who you are talking about. YEAH!
    Now, if Larry would just wake up.

  2. Although I agree that the jailing of Malcolm Fraser represents a disgrace to WinePress and Sound Doctrine, and I agree that Timothy has made himself look like a complete turkey…repeatedly… I would be careful not to over-interpret fatal illnesses.

    Fatal illnesses happen to the noble and the ignoble, to the just and the unjust, sometimes for punishment and sometimes so God can be glorified. There is no way to know that Carla’s illness is a Divine Judgement. If you up and had a heart attack tomorrow, would it be Divine Judgement on something you had done? By no means necessarily.

    Carla may be the victim of statistics and the fallen state of planet earth.

    • Good point…although it seems more like God’s judgment on Tim Williams since his MO is to use others, like his wife and Malcolm, to do his bidding…to me it looks like God is taking out all his puppets so he must stand responsible for the catastrophe he himself has created.

    • Why not?

      One cannot know the mind of God, but we can certainly use our powers of deduction to discern whether a judgment is in the range of God’s M.O. That’s why He gave us His Word, so we’d know His way. Among other things, that means having a clear understanding of how God judges His Creation.

      1.Striking down Tim’s wife is exactly the kind of thing God typically does to judge.
      2. Tim’s wife was absolutely judged, no question…She died.

      How does God Judge? Look at just a couple of the myriad on which we have to draw:

      ~God judges Rachel with death for hiding idol, God causes Jacob inadvertently prophesies her death (Gen 31)

      ~Jacob calls Esau “Lord” 12 times (Gen 33), so God gives Esau 12 princes before He gives Jacob one.

      ~God takes the life of David’s son (2 Sam 11-12)

      God’s judgments tend to be:
      ~Recognizable to believers well-versed in Scripture.

      I should add, if Athena or anyone else “up and dies from a heart attack,” then it is most certainly a judgement from God. ALL DEATH IS. See Genesis 3 for more details on that. Add a dash of Ephesians 1 & Romans 9 to bring out the flavor.

      I think what you mean to say is it makes you uncomfortable to hear Athena talk like that. But the thing is, she’s probably right. We should all take a moment to ponder that long and hard. Selah.


      • I’ve been stewing this one over for a few days…still stuck in my head.

        What a tragedy I’ve witnessed in modern Christian understanding!

        Christians tend to sit back & try to determine whether or not something was “an act of God.” Usual targets of this kind of speculation are weather, catastrophe, and death.

        Always look at events with this context in mind!

        Yahweh Elohim is not the Masonic or Armenian god (i.e. Sound Doctrine theology) god, the “Grand Architect” who set the world in motion & watches from a distance.

        Yahweh Elohim is intimately involved, and designed every event in history…from the least to the greatest. He’s stated this repeatedly in His Word. When Scripture speaks of “free will” and choice,” one MUST put this in the greater context that God designed everything from beginning to end.

        Consider this…if this were not the case God would not be able to predict the future. He’s have to constantly change prophesy in order to account for unforeseen variables.

        This woman’s death, like all of ours, was determined before the foundations of the Earth were laid, is a judgement for Adamic sin, and is an integral part of God’s design.

  3. Thanks for the posts Athena.

    I noticed Jan’s CA address too, she’s gotta be hurting bad. 😦

    I was happy to see Mike Reynolds taking some action to get his rent $. Can you imagine how many excuses he’s had to listen to. It is amazing that TW is not on the demand letter, he hides behind people and has others get their fingers dirty… now his kids are in trouble. Does TW sit back and laugh at this? I wonder, because he set it up this way and its working to keep his $ safe.

    Reminds me of Napolean, the guy walked on the necks of the people who worshipped him.

    Tim N.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Athena – I met you in 2008 at a conference when I was doing a book with Cec and he introduced us. Since I am a nurse and in healthcare not in publishing, I was totally unaware of what has happened at WinePress. They are bullying me for money as we speak. I wondered if you could give me advice, I will understand if you just can’t take anymore. (I just found you this morning- and am so glad I did)

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