The Tyranny of Tim Williams

I attended a Domestic Violence Awareness workshop a few evenings ago and was stunned by what I learned.

I was still processing the emotions surrounding the passing of Carla Williams, a woman whom I once called a friend, but now I was labeled her enemy (and the cause for her brain tumor) because I was willing to stand up to her husband and expose his tyranny.

Tyranny: arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority. Synonyms: despotism, absolutism, dictatorship.

But here is one of the main things that really stood out to me.

Domestic violence doesn’t start with a gun to the head. It starts with:

  • Put downs

  • Name calling

  • Control

  • Isolation

Reeling through my mind were the many times Tim Williams would shame me (and others) with scripture, and yes, it really did escalate to name calling. I even have copies of the posts where he would name call and heap shame upon many of us. I don’t have to worry that my memory blanked out those painful moments…I have the proof to remind me of what I endured.

It’s amazing to me, now that I’m on the other side, that I put up with the verbal abuse he heaped on me, and I’m sure continues to heap on the other loyal followers…but it’s just another way he would take scripture out of context and use it to justify his shameful and abusive behavior…after all, “no discipline seems pleasant at the time” is a great line to keep someone trapped in bondage, and shame them into silent submission.

The control and isolation were two other components that kept me captive, but at the time, of course, I didn’t see it. The “us vs. them” mentality of the group fed the acceptance of such control and isolation… we were convinced it was for our own good. Now that the scales have been removed from my eyes, it’s clear as day.

So, to those who still believe in the lie, I am praying for you. That someday you will have the courage to see what is right in front of your face, come out of denial, and allow God to rescue you out of the pit you are in. He has been raising red flags for years, but you have been conditioned to turn those red flags around onto yourself and declare yourself “in sin” for questioning.

5 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Tim Williams

  1. Hi Athena. Domestic abuse and the corporate abuse Sound Doctrine suffers are one in the same. This is a very good connection you’ve made, and it might be a concept to explore in counseling.

    I recommend reading Patricia Evans’ book, “The Verbally Abusive Relationship.” It can help you understand how people like Tim work. More importantly, it can show you how you allowed this to happen to yourself, and how you can change your habits so you never invite this kind of control into your life again. I also recommend her book, “Controlling People.”

    Finally, I recommend listening to a couple “Love and Logic” CD’s, or read one of their books. Any will do. Love & Logic is meant to be child psychology for parents, the information is as relevant to adults and pretty much any situation as it is to child-rearing. It’s not meant to be so necessarily, but their concept is actually spot-on Biblical. They sorta teach a proper technique for “loving your neighbor.”

    So all that stuff, and add to that a massive amount of Tim-free Bible study.
    Oh, and don’t forget your apple-a-day.


    • Thanks Ken! I will check out those resources. I am always looking for where I was vulnerable so I never allow myself to be deceived like that again, so your recommendations are appreciated!

      • My pleasure. Although Evans is addressing verbal abuse and Love & Logic focuses on child-rearing, I believe anyone and everyone would benefit from this material. I often describe these resources as, “practical application and further instruction on the nuances of loving one’s neighbor.”

        “Shaping Self Concept” is a most excellent 2-CD set by Love & Logic.


  2. P.S. Just a clarification…

    “Shaping Self Concept” kinda sounds like the title of a me-focused new age psychobabble book designed to falsely inflate one’s self perception. Ew.

    The CD’s are about how we form our perceptions of the world and ourselves, as we interpret the information we receive. It’s geared toward sending your kids the right messages, but it also a good reset-and-go-a-different-way button for anyone.

  3. Because I experienced extreme verbal abuse as a child, I can empathize with the name-calling, belittling, and shame Tim Williams uses to hold his followers captive. You are right – only God can open their hearts and deliver them.

    I didn’t know Carla died. I’m sure you talked about it but I haven’t been keeping up with computer stuff lately. I pray God uses this opportunity to melt her family’s hearts and draw them back to Him.

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