You Must Be Kidding Me!

I heard today from my friend at the Courier Herald that he reported the latest on the Sound Doctrine and WinePress scandal last week: Sound Doctrine pastor Malcolm Fraser files appeal of child rape and molestation conviction.

I find it disturbing that “Pastor” Fraser is claiming indigent status and trying to get a state appointed lawyer to appeal his conviction…Williams has always been the master of making it look like people make hardly any money so someone else will have to foot the bill…whether it’s trying to keep divorced wives from receiving their due by setting an employee’s wage at the absolute minimum, to appealing to the State of Washington to get them to waste their resources on this ridiculous appeal…it’s all the same strategy…get everyone else to spend their dollars so he doesn’t have to put HIS money where his mouth is.

To learn from the most recent former employees/cult members that so many workers have gone without pay (ummmm…that’s illegal!), landlords have continued to be strung along with promises to pay which never materialize, and estate sales have disallowed “church” members from purchasing any of the Williams Buckley estate until the very last day of the sale. It just makes me nauseous to see the hideous and greed-laden control Williams continues to have over his followers.

I was even told by someone who attended the funeral for Carla that Tim Williams spent the service declaring his sacrifice of laying down his life for his wife for two years while she was sick…without a word to memorialize her as a person. So sick. So blatantly trying to keep his minions in tact so he can continue to be supported by his blind loyal followers.

Lord, please cause the scales blinding the eyes of those still following this madman to be removed…so the Truth can set them free! In Jesus’ Name!

12 thoughts on “You Must Be Kidding Me!

  1. I didn’t know Carla died. I’m sure I missed it in one of your previous posts. At least we can be comforted by the fact that she was a believer before she was deceived. At least I hope so.

  2. On the other hand…

    This means he’s going to get a public defender or a random attorney the judge picks from a list. I don’t anticipate we’ll see Fraser step up with Matlock or Perry Mason at his side.

  3. This is the first I heard that Carla died. So sad she was shut out from her long-time friends by her husband. So very sad. Praying.

    • I know it, Jim. The whole thing is disturbing. Knowing Tim Williams’ track record of having cult members purchase million dollar insurance policies and put him down as the beneficiary makes me wonder what kind of policy he had on Carla’s life…those who’ve recently left have said they wonder about his motive for suggesting God wasn’t going to heal her as the reason she shouldn’t get the chemo the doctor recommended… I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t put it past him to claim he heard from God just to line his pockets with insurance proceeds. Sick.

  4. Tim feels guilty (a responsibility) for his wife’s death. I see his whole sermons I read (1999-2002?) where he was crazy with paranoia with many lies, lies, lies (he is a professional manipulator). I do feel bad for his wife Carla’s death! I had asked God in prayer to please guide SOMEONE in Tim’s group who will have the courage, bold with guts to confront TIM and tell him to “STOP” and to end with his sincere repentance!

    • Yes, I too have been praying that God would open up the eyes of those who are still deceived and give them great courage to stand up against this rageaholic of a man! I wish I could say I believe he could repent, but I admit I have a very hard time seeing him do so, he is just so unbelievably arrogant. So, so sad. And the way he takes advantage of those with disabilities, like yourself and the other deaf people he’s lured into the cult. It’s just plain WRONG!!!

  5. Last night my husband googled WP because he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get on the Co-captain system for the third day in a row. We were shocked to learn it is closing, and without a word of warning to its authors! We had chosen WP because of its good reputation and the recommendation in Sally Stuart’s book. In my investigation of the company, I never discovered the connection between WP and the church. We signed a contract with WP in November, ’11, and my book was published in October, ’12. The process to get it in print was characterized by errors and incompetency. I felt as though I was having to do their job for them. The one redeeming factor was that they always wanted to make things right each time we confronted them about errors. The final product was very nice. Once it was published, we waited for royalties and didn’t receive them in a timely fashion as they had indicated. Some we never did receive and don’t expect to at this point, given what you’ve written. I don’t understand how this is all going to play out, but I’m thankful that God is in control of the situation. His loving faithfulness will continue to all of us who are left asking the plethora of questions that are flooding our minds as a result of WP’s going out of business. Where can we go to get our book printed and distributed? What about the supply line to Amazon and other retailers? How does this affect the e-book for sale on Amazon? Who was the printer WP used, and would they be willing to continue to print our books and distribute them? What will happen to people who try to buy the book online now? How can we keep the book in print without there being a gap in its availability? I’m sure all WP authors identify with these questions. I hope we get favorable answers to them soon! In the meantime, let’s pray for one another and ask God to show each of us the path forward. WinePress authors, aren’t you glad our God works all things together for good (Rm. 8:28)? Athena, I’m sorry for the pain you have been through, and continue to experience. May God soothe your heart, restore “the years that the locusts have destroyed,” and give you wisdom and His peace in the days ahead!

    • Oh Maureen…I am so sorry you’re stuck in the middle of this mess. I have answers to all your questions. If you’d like to email me at I can put your fears to rest. What the enemy meant for evil God is using for good. I am arriving in WA tomorrow to start helping the orphaned authors make their way forward and away from WP. Bless you! Athena

  6. Thank you for notifying me about Winepress. I still have over 100 books in the warehouse (Faith Lifts: When Life Lets You Down) and have been owed money (not much) since 2012. When I tried to contact WP via the e-mail they had posted, it was returned as non-deliverable. It was also shock to hear about Carla only about 2 weeks ago. Heard about all of it through others, not Winepress.
    God bless you….

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