If anyone is wondering why WinePress isn’t answering their phones…

I was asked by the attorney for the landlord to take these posts down because they were getting harassed by Tim Williams…the last thing I want do to someone who is trying to deal with the leadership of WP in a civilized fashion is make things difficult for them.

Well, now that their landlord finally kicked them out of the office building, I think it’s safe to say that the world should know the truth about why they aren’t answering their phones today. Of course, anything bad that happens to WinePress is blamed on me, or on the employees who won’t “repent” to Tim Williams’ liking.

But the truth is, just as I’ve been saying all along, the Williams family will pay themselves, their lawyers, the church building rent, and whatever bills they deem to their advantage, but will not pay their rent, their printer bills, their editor bills, their employee salaries or their author royalties! Here is the letter I received in early September showing them owing $150,000+ in back rent, and this doesn’t even count what they owe on the warehouse!

Amazing that this letter came in the DAY AFTER Tim Williams told the reporter for Publisher’s Weekly that WinePress was doing great.

And what does that prove? Just what I have been saying all along. The people in charge of WinePress are liars, and they use scripture to justify lying (hey, Abraham lied about Sarah, right?!). They lied on the witness stand, and they continue to lie even now. The truth is, they have only been living on the good reputation WinePress had when I still had some control of the company.

page 2 demand notice

I’m sorry so many authors didn’t believe the bizarre story I’ve told here could possibly be true, but it was then and it is now, even moreso. Especially since 2 key employees just left WinePress and Sound Doctrine a few weeks ago. The stories they will tell will only confirm everything I’ve been saying for two years.

If you are one of those authors who paid for a special deal on books in December and never got them, that’s because they owe the printer $50,000 and have not paid it down far enough so the printer won’t print any more books. Did they know that when they ran the special? You bet they did. And who got your money? Hmmmm….I will let you speculate on that one. If I were you, and if you paid by credit card, I would immediately do a charge back since you did not receive your product. And even if WP made you sign an agreement that disallows you any option to do a charge back, that’s ridiculous. If you paid for a service or product and didn’t get it, your credit card company is there to protect you!

24 thoughts on “If anyone is wondering why WinePress isn’t answering their phones…

  1. Wow, that’s crazy

  2. Which is why I pulled all of my books out of WP early last year. Yes, it put the book out of print. However, I have possession of my books. And a few minutes after I loaded the last of the books, I received a phone call from “you know who,” who is now in prison. I tried to warn others. Sorry you didn’t believe me.

  3. Wow! Oh my goodness, Looks like the situation is getting worse. yeah, TW & Company would blame Athena, but she is innocent. Well, maybe it is time TW’s “Empire” collapses (or possible bankruptcy) only time tell.

  4. Well, I’m one of those lingering authors waiting on my ~$1000 royalty check due this month. I’m also still waiting on a reply from 3 weeks ago following inquiries (voicemail, messages left with the answering service, emails through co-captain and direct) concerning my website and domain. I hope I get a response since WinePress was quick to pay themselves early this month for my monthly web-hosting fee as well as the annual domain payment. This is not gossip! It is fact from an author who is bewildered at the “Christian” behavior of its publisher.

  5. I am a WinePress author who was published in 2011. I have never told any of this until now. I was never once contacted that the company was going out of business, having issues or anything of the like. Call me naive, I guess I am, but I believed I was working with a Christian company. I researched (of course) before paying WinePress one cent. I found nothing at that time to concern me. Now I’m kicking myself wondering how I missed so much. Was I living under a rock?

    Your opening “Read this first” post had me literally screaming at my screen. I was one of those authors who signed a no gossip contract. I was also one who complained when my “radio interviews” never aired on radio or showed up online. The response to my complaint was a spin and I ended up apologizing. I fell for it. I feel stupid, stuck and used. I have not received any royalties this year and now I guess I know why. I just noticed my website was down yesterday and that tipped me off something was wrong. What a mess. What an embarrassing, horrible disappointment. Now I’m left wondering what next. If a class action lawsuit occurs I want in.

    • I am so sorry. I left in late 2011 and didn’t really start blogging until early 2012, so you wouldn’t have seen anything when you did your due diligence. It’s really all come out since I stood up and wasn’t afraid to “gossip” (in their eyes) and tell what happened to me. Then I started hearing from so many others they abused even while I was still at WinePress.

      At this point, Tim has drained WinePress of all liquid assets (although I’m sure he has a nice nest egg that he has protected well), so a class action would never really help authors recoup any portion of their loss.

      Please don’t feel stupid. They are masters at using the scripture out of context to get you to do whatever they want, so anyone with a pure heart who wants to follow God and do His will can easily be manipulated by them.

      There are people right now working behind the scenes (good people, that is) to try to come up with an option that will help the authors who are now left in the lurch. As soon as I know more I will post it. But right now, if WinePress contacts you and gives you any recommendations on where to go to keep your book in print, I would just hang up on them. As one editor (who they owe $10,000 to) remarked, “don’t trust any company they might recommend, a classic con would be to start up another company under a new name…”

      Again, I am so sorry you had to go through the abuse you did, but I totally get it and feel your pain. All I can say is, for the last 2 years, God has brought good out of what the enemy meant for evil, so I have to believe that is true for you too!

    • I do not know what to say. I paid for my books to be printed in 2011 and they have not been printed. I paid for my manuscript to be edited and they did such a bad job that, I would have pulled the plug then. What kept me is the fact that I signed an agreement and came to WinePress after a strong recommendation from somebody at a Christian writers conference. What is the way forward? Any ideas?

      • I am so, so sorry. I tried warning all the conference directors two years ago when I walked away…WinePress had such momentum it was hard to get people to believe me. If you would like to email me at athena@alwaysfaithfulradio.com I can communicate with you that way. There are some good people working behind the scenes right now to try to help all the authors who have been left stranded. You are one of many. The last thing I want to see is for you to be taken advantage of any more…too many heartbreaking stories for me to count already. I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. There has to be SOMETHING we can do. I, too, was owed royalties. What happens to our books now? What is the next step to try and recoup our money? Obviously we’ll have to go to another company, which will also charge thousands of dollars to self-publish our books. There has to be some way to get our money back. Isn’t there some kind of breach of contract? If they file bankrupcy, isn’t there some kind of insruance that protects the consumer? There has to be SOMETHING…

    • Hang tight Elizabeth, you do NOT have to go to another company and spend thousands more. I promise you that. I have been helping authors cut ties with WP for 2 years and no one has had to spend that kind of money to get their book back in print without their logo…be at peace. I can let you know what your best options are.

      In the meantime, if you have paid for anything from WP on a credit card, you could start by doing a charge back.

      • It was done through my debit/credit card and processed as a debit. Do you know how far back they will be able to go? I believe I started making payments in 2010 and my book was published in 2011. I did so much research about this company before I decided to go with them and did not find anything. I just hope there is something that can be done. I feel like I’ve been robbed.

        • On another note, I am completely appalled that I had conversations with a convicted child rapist, when my book was partly about just that! (Innocence Stolen, Hope Restored: A Troubled Teens Journey From Brokenness to Redemption by Sarah Browning). I’d love to give a copy to the girl he abused. Do you have any contact with her?

        • We’d have to figure out what you have paid for that you didn’t receive, so you technically have the right to do a charge back. I don’t blame you at all for feeling robbed…I cannot understand why all my posts didn’t come up when you did your due diligence!

  7. I have been robbed by “Christian brethren”. I trusted this guys and invested $12000 in my book, and now what do I have to show? They could not even tell me that their offices were about to be shut. I found out when their phone went dead on me late last week. May the Lord help us. Where was this website when I needed it most? Please I need some clarity on what to do next. It is very hurtful what they have done to me. The book was released as an e-book and have not received a dime for royalties.

    • I totally feel your pain. I too was robbed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing and walked away 2 years ago with nothing. If you would like to email me at athena@alwaysfaithfulradio.com, there are some good people working behind the scenes trying to see how you and all the other authors can be helped. I look forward to hearing from you and will keep you posted on progress for you and others.

    • PS Did you pay by credit card? If so, you may have some recourse by initiating a charge back.

  8. Athena, thank you for all you’re doing. My wife just published her first book with Winepress and is so heart broken to just find out what’s going on with them. I believe she contacted you via facebook and gave you her email address. We are hoping to keep the book in print, but we are afraid to have to spend thousands of dollars to do so. 😦

    • You are welcome…I am amazed at how God is using my loss and pain to help so many others who are just now realizing the truth. You will not have to spend thousands more…of that fact I am certain!

  9. I hope there are a lot of authors who saw your message before WP deleted their fb page. :/ I did contact many of them through fb before wp deleted the page, but the messages went to their “other” pages. I’ll try to contact them again. At the very least, we all need to file complaints with the WA Attorney General. I did last week.

  10. Shocking that a reputable Christian company would shut down suddenly without warning and leave authors stranded. Since they knew they would close down, they should have forewarned us and sent our files back to us so we can easily publish with another publisher because any publisher would ask for the files lest they start from scratch at another cost. I had no problem with WP until they added more services to my starter program raising the cost without me asking for them. Then they claimed to have professionally proofread my work but guess what? Eight times i went through the work and found each time, many fundamental errors a proofread work just can’t have. Interestingly, they wanted me to pay the last time i found errors before they corrected it and i refused. I was not impressed at all with their poor proofreading/editing. I;m glad i did not give them my second manuscript though they wanted to have it and start work on it. I cannot give you a second manuscript when the first has not been published for me to see whether i can entrust you with a second. I just want to retrieve my files. How do i get them? I have sent the volunteer staff a message but have not heard from them. How do i retrieve my money too?

    • I am so sorry, Stephen. I too am heartbroken at how they’ve used trusting authors for their own ends. I’ve been blogging about it and sounding the alarm for the last 2 years but for whatever reason it didn’t always come up in searches. 😦 You’re not the first author who’s complained about their shoddy editing and proofing…good for you that you stood firm and didn’t let them bully you into paying of for something you’d already paid for!

      My first question is, did you pay for any of it by credit card? If so, you could initiate a charge back, for starters.

      If you are on Facebook you can join a private group called “WinePress Authors Unite”…where you’ll be kept abreast of activities happening as we seek to redeem this horrible situation. I wouldn’t bother communicating with WP at all if I were you…they cannot be trusted. Also, email me at athenadean@gmail.com and I’ll keep you in the loop of what I’m doing to help those authors who’ve been stranded.

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