The REAL Reason WinePress Went Out of Business

I just found out the reason the WinePress landlord changed the locks on the building.

He was going to let them stay and continue on in business, as long as Tim Williams signed a document taking responsibility for the business.

And guess what?

He wouldn’t sign it.

So while WinePress employees tell authors that the reason WinePress is closing it’s doors is because of attacks on the business, or landlords who wanted their money, once again, they are lying.

The truth is, they could have carried on if Tim would have signed the document. The landlord was willing to start from a clean slate as long as Tim would guarantee using his personal assets.

But he refused to do so.

Funny how his name isn’t on any legal documents. He has never been a guarantor on any WinePress or Sound Doctrine bank loans (oh, but many of the other church members and employees were, including me!), and his name has never been on the incorporation papers. I doubt his name was even on the rental agreements after the company was transferred over…it was probably Josiah and Malcolm who put their names on the line. He was a master at having other people do his bidding and others put their assets and credit on the line.

Incredible how he took in a quarter of a million dollars a year from WinePress from 2005 until I left late 2011, but still spent Sound Doctrine money to make improvements on his cabin in the mountains, and spent WinePress money on all sorts of personal purchases.

It’s very telling that the ONLY reason that WinePress was shut down is because Tim Williams refused to sign his name to take responsibility for the cash cow that has paid him well over the years.

Yep, very telling.

7 thoughts on “The REAL Reason WinePress Went Out of Business

  1. Tim would have been foolish to sign. He’s clumsy as a cult leader, but seems to have a keen sense of self-preservation.

    From Psalm 119 Teth (65-72):

    The arrogant have forged a lie against me;
    With all my heart I will observe Your precepts.
    Their heart is covered with fat,
    But I delight in Your Torah.
    It is good for me that I was afflicted,
    That I may learn Your statutes.
    The Torah of Your mouth is better to me
    Than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

    • He knew WinePress was sinking…but is too arrogant to admit it. His decision admitted it for him. But then again, the landlord should have let them keep going with the hopes of them paying someday? Oh, yeah, right.

  2. It must have been in other comment sections, but you have stated that there are people working behind the scenes to help authors who have been affected by WP closing. Will you write another blog post detailing what our options are in moving forward and/or possibly legal actions we can take? If not a blog post, is there some other way you can get the information you have out to the authors who have contacted you? I have tried to contact others on fb, but my messages are going to the “other” folder, which most people don’t even know exists. I will continue trying to contact them to see if anyone has an idea of what to do.

  3. One other thing I just thought of, our books are still listed for sale on Amazon and other sites. Meaning, WP is STILL collecting OUR money from sales, on top of royalties they’ve already stolen from us. Do you know how we can go about having our books removed from sites like Amazon?

    • I have already been in touch with the distributors and printer and they are not going to send any money to WP. Period. Hang tight…good things coming, I promise. Will share soon.

      • Do we need to make arrangements to pick up our books…Voice of Many Waters…at the warehouse….or is that even possible??

        • Oh Alan, I am so sorry for all of this! They will probably tell you what you have left in the warehouse (number of pallets and weight) and quote you a shipping fee. Honestly, I would shop around and not assume they are giving you the lowest rate. If you will email me at I can give you some other details that might help you.

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