A Day to Praise God for His Faithfulness


In September of 1999 we bought this house in Enumclaw, deceived that it would be used for the Lord’s work. When WinePress changed ownership on April 1, 2010 I was immediately given a 50% pay cut which forced me into a short sale. The “pastor” who was the Executive Officer of WinePress (the same one who is serving 18 years in prison) bought the house for a pittance of what I owed and members of Sound Doctrine have been living there ever since – for free, even up until this last weekend.

The house has finally gone into foreclosure and today is going on the auction block.  PRAISE GOD!

No one who hopes in you
    will ever be put to shame,
but shame will come on those
    who are treacherous without cause.

                                         Psalm 25:3

Today is definitely a day to praise God for His faithfulness and for His mighty right arm.

9 thoughts on “A Day to Praise God for His Faithfulness

  1. Woo-hoo! It just keeps getting better and better regarding God’s justice in the WinePress downfall. I’m just waiting for those in leadership positions to be held fully accountable and for the church to implode by the Truth of God’s Word.

  2. God is with you! PTL!

  3. Athena, I am sad that you gave so much to God and had it taken by a worldly con artist. I pray the group gets what they deserve in the end, and my faith in God says that they will. You showed God your heart and willingness to do good in him, that will be your glory. Everything gained by these people will crumble under them in the end and it will be their eternal ruin, sad to say, even for them…


  4. Lord continue to expose your enemy!

  5. The book of Joel in the scriptures says- God WILL redeem the years the locust ate away- and am rejoicing at His faithfulness to His promise for those who love Him. Prayers continue to see God’s justice unfold and for the evil and wrongdoing to be exposed. I pray they may be humbled and repent to God their Father.

  6. I stand in agreement with everyone’s comments, Athena! God is their righteous Judge!

  7. Athena, what the devil takes away, God is going to restore! We all lost out on a few years with W Press but since I changed with Bookmaster’s Distribution Co. God is bringing back . . . book sales. . . . Barnes & Noble book signings, speaking engagements & TV interviews. God can be trusted. Some men cannot. Visit my web site to see my most vulnerable, honest interview on UCTV192 Upton, Ma. http://www.listentothecry.org or YouTubeBarbaraJoyHansen I want to share my testimony with the world because I was deceived & shamed as well!

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