Disgrace is Coming to WinePress and Sound Doctrine

Today marks 22 months that I have been delivered from deception.

Just yesterday I received the demand letter I showed in the last post…so timely that it arrived only hours after the Lord had me reading Psalm 25.

This verse jumped out at me, unbeknownst to me that God was, at that very moment, continuing to prove Himself to be a God of justice!

No one who trusts in You will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others. Psalm 25:3

To watch, from a distance, God’s judgment on this group is a sobering thing, to say the least.

  • One pastor/leader in prison for child rape,
  • Founding pastor’s wife soon to die from a brain tumor*,
  • Lies being exposed for all to see.

And while they blame me for all their woes, the word is clear, that those who try to deceive others will be disgraced.

*I do not believe Carla’s brain tumor is judgment on her, rather it is judgment on her husband, who has, for 35 years, used others to do his bidding. Carla and Malcolm have been his primary puppets (along with his 2 sons), and it is obvious that God is taking away all his props. He will stand before God for the destruction he has caused to so many.

My prayers continue to reach the Throne of Grace for those whose lives have been ravished by these abusive leaders…one woman who used to be my roommate, was listed on the demand letter, showing she now lives back in Northern California. Praise God she escaped, but I can just imagine the shape she is in. After selling everything she owned (over half a million dollars in property) and “laying it at the apostle’s feet” (of course, manipulated completely by Tim Williams to give everything without holding anything back…after all, if she did, she’d end up struck dead like Sapphira in the book of Acts), I’m sure her condition is devastating. I watched her become the brunt of so much abuse by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, I can only pray that she will come to realize that God was grossly misrepresented by Tim Williams, and that she will allow God to gently restore her and surround her with safe people.

This is Going to Take Some Time

Last week I spent some time doing the final cleaning of the house I lived in for the last few years.

It was quite the challenge to remove the leftovers of the carpet tape on the Pergo flooring.

I figured applying Goof Off and letting it sit for a while would make my clean up easy and fast. I guess I had an image in my mind of the way oven cleaner works. Spray on, walk away for a few hours, and then come back to find it all clean with just a little dust to wipe out.


The Goof Off took off the top layer, but that was it. I tried using my putty knife to scrape off the rest.

Sheesh! This was going to be a project… I don’t have time for all this mess!

I tried applying more Goof Off, getting on my hands and knees and using a scouring pad to begin removing what’s left.

OK God. This is not going to go the way I planned, is it?

Back to the hardware store for a sharper tool and better adhesive remover.

Squirt on the new stuff. Let it sit for a while.

As I begin scraping with a razor it finally starts to come up, but still not without a fight.

I realized that I was going to be down there for a while, so I had to finally accept it.

It’s still going to take some time to finish this!

Hmmmmm…isn’t this just like my journey? In my typical optimism I am thinking as I deal with major issues in my counseling, and as I get de-programmed and learn again about the goodness of God, the healing should be quick and easy.


There are so many layers of pain from the abuse.

And then there are the consequences of bad choices.

How do I reconcile the loss of our family and grieve well? What about the destruction I see in the lives of those I love who have lost their faith in God because of this tragic misrepresentation of God?

Then how do I get to a place of forgiving myself for the deception I led so many other unsuspecting believers into? These were people who wanted to love God with everything!

I’m afraid this is going to take a while.

And it’s not going to go the way I plan.

A friend recently dubbed me “Mrs. Job”… I’ve been thinking about that and it made me think of a fitting scripture:

Job 13:15a
Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him