Five Year Anniversary Out of Captivity

Five years ago today, the scales fell from my eyes and I could finally see the truth. I had believed a lie was the truth, and gave up everything for it, thinking I was doing it for God. But He is a Romans 8:28 God! He works ALL things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

I am rejoicing today in the way He has renewed family ties, redeemed my life, and restored what the enemy has stolen. He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

God’s Faithfulness – Out of Captivity & Into His Redemption from Redemption Press on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Five Year Anniversary Out of Captivity

  1. Liberating and beautiful! I am always encouraged by the testimony through your life.

    Lance Forshay

  2. Hi Athena,

    Glory to God, He has restored everything TW took away and more.

    Be blessed and safe this new year and Redemption Press prosper.

    Larry Filato

    • Amen, Larry! Now it has been 6 whole years that I’ve been delivered from that deception…God has gone over and above to restore! He is always faithful!! A Romans 8:28 God for sure! Blessings on you and your family. So glad you escaped as well!

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