Important Announcement

I am finally starting to write what may well be the most significant work of my life. As you can probably guess, it is about my most recent detour into deception and God’s amazing grace to rescue me, get me back on track, heal, restore, and renew my faith after my near-fatal collision with the pit of hell.

The working title is “Deception’s Open Doors” … Over the last year or so, I have consistently recognized the open doors that had given the enemy access to deceive me, wreaking havoc and devastation in my family and nearly destroying my faith in the One Who saved me.

However, I don’t just want to tell MY story … I want to share other tales of deception and those additional doors that have given entrance to the destroyer.

If you have experienced deception in your life, and have, in hind sight, looked back and learned what vulnerabilities in your life invited the enemy in and enabled you to believe the lie, I would love to hear from you.

If you prefer to remain anonymous in the final manuscript, I will certainly protect your identity in appropriate ways.

It’s the stories I want to share, along with mine, to help others avoid, if at all possible, the painful, tragic results of deception.

Please feel free to forward this announcement or repost on other writers networks or sites.

Thanks in advance for helping me spread the word!

Athena Dean

15 thoughts on “Important Announcement

  1. That’s great, Athena. I knew it was coming . . . While the title is nice, the “detour into deception” phrase sure caught my attention as I began reading. I was thinking to myself, “I hope she uses that as her title.” Will certainly be wonderful therapy for you and highly enlightening for the masses. I wish you the very best.

  2. Hello Athena!

    Glad to hear from you came back on your blog that I love and enjoy to read your comments! Smile, I will endure pray for you, your families and WP store!


    Colleen Simsa
    Traverse City, MI

  3. Good for you, Athena! It probably will be a best seller. Do you want me to add my 2 cents?

    Love, Agnes

  4. The majority of Christendom has unwittingly passed through the occult door because they don’t know anything their own history. The only thing Satan really wants is for us to disobey God’s commands; it’s the only real point Satan has ever been focused on. He knows that if people don’t obey, they won’t understand Scripture, & will be vulnerable to all manner of false teaching.

    I encourage you to check out the first 400 years of history following Jesus’ death. You’ll find that the doctrine that the Law of Moses is replaced by Jesus is not only unBiblical, but a product of much social/political unrest & teachings of excommunicated heretics…not Truth. Dispensatoinalism, Replacement Theology, and the notion that the first 4/5 of the Bible are not for us has a 2000 year paper trail of heresy, deception, & manipulation.

    It’s the reason the “One Way” has fragmented into 30,000 denominations in our world. Please investigate what the “Messianic” world has to say about modern Christendom, discover their theologian’s incredible scholarship, and discover the over-arching Truth that leads so many down the path you went.

    The end will be like the days of Noah, and everyone will be following the antichrist, thinking they’re following the real Messiah. How does this happen? 2000 years of lawlessness & leaning on our own understanding.

    Good resources: ~book, “Restoration: returning the Torah to the Disciples of Jesus” ~Web Sites & ~Google or Youtube search for “Messianic” ~Watch the youtube “Know Your Enemy” series for an 11-hour chronological history of religion…this isn’t a “Messianic” documentary, but he demonstrates thoroughly & completely how the message of the Gospel has been overrun by paganism throughout 6000+ years of existence.

    Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to uphold them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. ~Matthew 5:17-19

  5. …a few points to get you started…I could fill (and have filled over the years) pages upon pages of examples like this. Here are a mere few.

    note: in most cases if you read the whole chapter or entire letter, you’ll find the context of single verses is quite different from what modern Christendom claims. This “lawless theology” is predominantly supported by single lines of text & a LOT of commentary.

    ~In Revelation the prophets stand on a sea of glass, singing the “Song of Moses” ~The last 8 chapters of Ezekiel describe the Millennial Temple, where sacrifice is resumed under our High Priest, Jesus. Hebrews 8: The passage is about the old & new priesthood. Some translations deliberately insert the word, “covenant” in order to redefine the subject of the passage. These are “C-rated” texts…found nowhere in original texts. ~Jesus was born during Sukkot, when He made His tabernacle among us (John 1:14). Proof is found when one understands Hebrew writing style…cross-reference Luke 1 (key word “Abijah”) with the order of the priesthood found in 1 Chronicles 24, then plug your findings into the Hebrew calendar. Luke 1’s “Abijah” is a date marker . A little word most Gentiles miss because they have no point of reference is the most important word of the whole chapter. Matthew intends to show that the time of Jesus ‘ birth fulf illed prophesy . ~”All things to all men”…read the whole chapter!!! Paul says though it was his right under Torah to expect to be paid for preaching. Instead he chooses to be “all things to all men” so he wouldn’t have to as for money…Paul worked odd jobs to pay his own way! The only thing that suggests that Paul was rejecting the commands here is the commentary inserted in your Bible. Such is the case with most proof texts…read the whole chapter or letter, not just single verses & commentary! ~Jesus kept the law perfectly so He could be our “kinsman redeemer”. He told us to live as He lived. ~over 100 passages state the Law is for Jews & Gentiles. ~A “Mixed Multitude” of Jews & Egyptians accepted the Torah at Sinai. ~Jesus was crucified on the Passover & rose on Sabbath. Christians worship on Sunday only because Constantine declared “Sol Invictus” as the mandatory day of worship & outlawed all things “Jewish” ~Acts 15: apostles determine Gentiles should keep basic kosher laws so they’d be able to enter the synagogue to learn the rest of Moses. ~King James inserted a phrase in Acts 15:24, “be circumsized & keep the law” …this is a known revision to Scripture. ~Mark 7/Matt 15: eating with unwashed hands doesn’t make a man unclean. “by saying this He declared all foods clean” is a Scribe’s addition to the text. ~Paul told the Corinthians to keep Passover ~Paul took a Nazirite vow to prove that he was a Law keeper. The vow includes animal sacrifice. ~Matt 17: Jesus appears with Moses & Elijah during the festival of Sukkot (tabernacles). Peter asks if he should make a sukkah for Jesus & the prophets. ~Acts: Paul testifies 3 times in court that he kept the Torah & taught Gentiles to do so. ~The “Renewed Covenant” states that we’ll all be keeping the Torah in the end, because God will write it on our hearts & everyone will know God. This has not come to pass!

  6. In short…if you really want to understand the subject of the occult and how people are drawn to it, you’ll HAVE to spend some time learning it’s origins. You have to understand our 6000+ year history of religion, as well as the last 2000 years of Gospel message distortion. Most of all, you have to discover the Scriptures are Hebrew texts, written by Hebrews, & presented in the context of their culture. Oh yeah…and our Messiah Jesus was a Jew and lived as one, and the “Followers of the Nazarene” was a SECT of JUDAISM who believed Jesus was the promised Messiah…Jesus did NOT start a new religion!!!

  7. Thanks Ken…you always have such deep comments…thank you for taking the time on this. It will help a bunch.

  8. History didn’t start the day we were born. There’s a cause & effect that has led to Christian theology today…Christians placing Halloween sharing barrels in the sanctuary, adorning themselves with peace symbols, seeking wisdom from the Dalai Lama, practicing yoga in the church basement, marrying evolution with Creation, & treating the Bible like a big fortune cookie…ever looking for the “Higher Spiritual Truth” in single lines of of Scripture while ignoring the concise, literal meaning and historical/cultural context of the Scriptures.

    BTW I read Timothy William’s “Bad Fruit.” (It was given to me by Salt Shaker staff). I’d strongly recommend investigating the Armenian heretical theology & compare with John Calvin to discover the source of a substantial amount of “Unsound Doctrine” in our world. Maybe re-read “Bad Fruit” and make a list of how many Scriptures he used to proof his position (very, very sparse Scriptural reference, padded by a lot of stomping & hand-waving). Ponder the ratio of Scripture to William’s own words while you’re at it. False doctrinal writing usually hangs on only a couple proof texts & a huge heap of pontification by the author.

  9. One more little comment…
    Christians hold up the 10 commands as the way we should live. What about the 4th command to remember the Sabbath?

    And what about tithing?? Every Sunday the minister pressures the congregation to dig deep and give…only thing is, tithing is a Torah command, NEVER mentioned in the New Testament. Interesting how they fully support the Torah command that lines their purses with gold, but deny the holiness of the Sabbath.

  10. This is the chronological history of religion documentary. Shows the origin of the occult, known as “the mysteries,” how it has developed into the variety of religions & philosophies of the world, and the difference between it and Biblical theology. It’s about 11 hours of information total. I highly recommend starting here to gain some critical context. Without understanding this kind of information, there’s simply no hope of understanding the nature of the occult.

  11. I just stopped by; wondering why some of your posts are ‘password’ protected?? Thanks, Carley

    • Hi Carley,

      A few months ago I felt led to close down the blog, as I mentioned on my post dated November 14. At that time I put the password protection on each post.

      Since that time, I’ve had a few people ask to view them…so if you’d like to email me at and request that, I’d be happy to provide it to you.

      I guess it’s all just part of my healing to end this chapter of my life…I hope you understand.



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